What a Good Content Marketing Strategy Can Do to Increase Brand Awareness

brand awareness

Brand awareness is usually the initial goal of businesses, especially for up and coming brands. While established names have already made it past this crucial stage in the game, they may still aim to promote their brand continuously especially when competition seems to start to dominate the market.

In both scenarios, brand consideration is something that businesses want to take over in the minds of the prospective clients, as they want to be the first and only name that the consumer will think of when needing his product.

Winning the hearts of your target audience is as close to winning their buying decisions. It’s like making friends. In order to even get the attention of the person you want to be friends with- or anyone for that matter- you have to be likeable. Now this is relative, so it’s important to know who you want to sell your products to. At this point in the game where you want to increase brand awareness, you already know your target audience.

When considering a product, people go to the brand that they trust.

How to earn their trust?

These are some core guidelines to follow, that’s not rocket-science.

Produce content that’s simple yet informative.

Jet gets stressed from information overload throughout her days. From sunrise upon hearing the news, as she travels to work then school, until she gets back home and turn on the TV, gadgets or reading materials, she is bombarded with loads of things- both wanted and unwanted.

great content

The last thing she needs is yet another piece of content that will annoy her of highfalutin words that talk about nonsense. Stay away from this- be that one special source of inspiration, de-stress and entertainment that make life a little bit easier for her. She and the rest of her kind will remember your brand name until they develop a liking and loyalty.

Provide an interactive platform.

Who doesn’t want to be heard in this day and age? Very few. The rise of social media and content-sharing platforms happened because we all want our voices to be heard in topics that matter to us.

When it comes to consumer purchases- whether prospective or existing- these people who buy expect to have a line of communication with the brand that they patronized, to assure them of a human being that could help them when the need arises both for good and bad feedback.

It is important that any of their insights are heard, so providing a platform for customer feedback such as Facebook likes and comments, Customer Service lines, Youtube comments and the like are critical. If they see that this is provided, their level of trust in your product increases.


I have a first- hand experience at this- my cellphone provider technician was giving me a hard time with my tablet and to think I was new with them. I was ready to leave and report them Consumer Rights but their manager helped fix my problem after I aired out my grievances. They even gave me additional services which turned me into a loyal customer of 3 years.

Deliver your content in a frequency that your target audience appreciates.

Publishing too many content is just as bad as publishing too little. Through your initial Content Marketing Strategy research, you would know the kind of frequency that your audience wants, so use this data to your advantage. When your brand slips in this aspect, you are creating an opportunity to let go of your existing readers, and turn away potential followers.

Make relevant and quality content.

I really believe that it is easy to make content of any form- the challenge is to make good, timely material. Producing relevant and quality work is not a joke, so staying on top of the latest buzz in the world of your industry and keeping your content providers in top shape work wonders.

Even if you send your viewers the right amount of content at the right time, if the materials that you send are obviously recycled or out of date, they will just label it as spam or ignore until they decide to forget about your brand name. You don’t want to be thrown into oblivion, so make an effort to QA these things before publishing.

Don’t be afraid to be entertaining and humorous.

One quality that sets a brand apart from the rest is its ability to amuse and make its audience laugh. Humor is something that’s hard to come by nowadays with all the negative news circling the world, and some of the brand names that attempt to be funny use slapstick or jokes with sexual innuendo that not everyone appreciates.

Your product’s approach to humor is best kept at the global level- it’s not easy but once achieved, your brand name retention is stronger people trust you more.

Stick to your brand voice.

It is so easy to stir towards another direction when customers make suggestions, ask for something that your brand doesn’t have and other factors that could influence changing your brand’s voice, vision and mission.


No matter how tempting it is to add to your brand advocacies or make changes to it, remember to stay focused on what you originally set out to create the product that you have already made. Even an incentive such as increased or additional revenue should not blind you from staying within your brand voice. Making a critical change such as this could mean changing the whole Content Marketing Strategy altogether- which could negatively impact your brand awareness efforts.

Stay committed.

Getting your target audience and getting your target audience to buy from you doesn’t happen overnight. It could take a while- varying from overnight to years depending on your research, strategy, execution and data. Once you’ve laid out the plan and process, execute and stay with it. Changing your course mid-way will only pull you back to step 1 over and over until you find yourself not reaching any goals or milestones.

Just because you follow all the things mentioned doesn’t mean your brand’s visibility and presence is guaranteed. There will be hurdles that would need to be overcome and you have to prepare for these. Example is this startup company in an Asian country- after providing quality content and staying committed to the goals, their brand stays barely afloat and barely known. They reviewed the steps they laid out and studied the data from the results of their content posts to see what could be changed and they did make some changes. The result is a steady increase in visibility and sales.

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