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6 Ways to Get Attention For Your Blog

The aim of any blog is to get as much attention as possible from your specific target audience of readers.

Kiesha Easley has a post on Social Media Today listing her best 6 ways.

In brief they are;

  1. Link exchanges.
  2. Social media platforms.
  3. It’s nice to share.
  4. Great content.
  5. Email newsletters.
  6. Guest blog.

Kiesha is a writer, writing instructor and blog consultant.

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7 Surprising Skills Blogging is Teaching You

You may not think so but blogging is teaching you some very useful skills.

Kelly Teng has a nice guest post on ProBlogger listing 7 of those surprising skills.

In brief they are;

  1. The gift of words.
  2. Time management.
  3. A little bit of design.
  4. Relationship creation and maintenance.
  5. Diplomacy to rival U.N. delegates.
  6. Content creation and management.
  7. Social media strategy and community management.

Kelly is a Digital Outreach Specialist at Switched on Media.

Read more at: 7 Surprising Skills Blogging is Teaching You : @ProBlogger.

Top 10 Tips For Creating a Facebook Event

If you ever need to create a Facebook event then these 10 tips by Hugh Malkin Co-Founder and CEO of HUGECITY will help you do it right.

  1. Use a Facebook page to create your event and add your personal profile as a host.
  2. Don’t make someone search for information on your event.
  3. Use Facebook-recognized venues, not addresses for the location.
  4. If your event lasts longer than 5 days, create multiple events.
  5. Never check “Only admins can post to the event wall.”
  6. Add a cover photo that fits the event and fits the rectangle (714 x 264 pixels).
  7. Have one official Facebook event.
  8. Use your invites wisely.
  9. Keep people excited about coming.
  10. Promote your event outside of your circle.

These tips are from a guest post Hugh did on the Insider Facebook blog.

His post explains each of these tips in detail.

Read more at: Top 10 tips for creating a Facebook event.

7 Best Practices For Increasing Facebook Ad Engagement

If you’re advertising on Facebook then you would understand that you need to increase ad engagement for greater success.

Kye Mouhas has a post on Inside Facebook and sets out 7 best practices for ad engagement.

I thinks it’s a great article that gets straight to the point and is something all advertiser should check out as tips like this are always fantastic to have!

Kye is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Marin Software.

Read more at: 7 best practices for increasing Facebook ad engagement.

Why Bloggers Need Google Plus So Badly

Google Plus seems to be getting talked about a lot more lately.

I suspect it’s mainly due to more and more people getting a grasp and understanding on what it’s all about.

Aaron Elliott has a guest post on Social Media Today with a nice explanation on why bloggers need it so badly.

Savvy bloggers will tell you that Google+ is far from average when it comes to social networking. Bloggers use it to interact with their target audiences, start relevant, interesting online conversations and build quality blogging relationships.

Many bloggers say that it consolidates the best qualities of Twitter and Facebook, while including exclusive features that only Google provides.

Just like these two very popular social media platforms, Google+ favors visual media. However, long posts are encouraged because they’re informative for readers and they facilitate conversations.

Your stream (timeline) continuously updates, allowing keyword searches by users. You’re able to see what topics are trending in Google+. Unlike Twitter, there are no limits to the amount of characters your posts can have.

In essence, it’s a place where bloggers can connect online and share content, while building communities that are based on common interests.

Aaron has a strong interest and passion for Social Media and Blogging which shines through on his article.

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New Study: Email Marketing Actually Works!

Even though social media marketing has been the flavor for the past few years email marketing should still be a very important part of your online marketing.

Alyssa Adkins has a very nice guest post on the Social Media Today site with her findings and views on the subject.

While sometimes over-shadowed by social media (the presumptive cool new kid in town) email marketing appears to be making its way back into the hearts of the consumer and marketer once again.

Alyssa is a junior at the University of St. Thomas pursuing a double major in Communications & Journalism and English.

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Google’s Author Rank: Credit Where Credit is Due

It looks like Google+ and Author Rank matters more than most SEO experts previously thought!

Lauren Hobson (president of Five Sparrows, LLC) has a guest post on SiteProNews explaining why it matters so much.

There are basically three steps to developing author rank:

  • Create and optimize your Google+ profile. Make sure you include full URLs to your blog and any other content that you produce.
  • Make sure you are using the rel=”author” attribute correctly in your content. Your Web developer or IT staff can help with this, if necessary.
  • Publish high-quality content on a regular basis. If you don’t have the time or skills to do this yourself, hire someone who does!

I suggest taking the time to understand Google’s Author Rank especially as it now looks to be the foundation to Google high rankings!

Read more at: Google’s Author Rank: Credit Where Credit Is Due SiteProNews | SiteProNews.

Seven Ways to Increase Interaction on Your Blog

You want to increase and maximize the interaction on your blog but what strategies should you use?

Dr. Rachna Jain has a guest post on SiteProNews where she lists seven great ways to increase reader interaction.

I think her post is especially useful for someone with a fairly new blog so they can get themselves into good habits and maximize interaction as early as possible.

Rachna is the author of Internet Marketing for the Rest of Us.

Read more at: Seven Ways to Increase Interaction on Your Blog SiteProNews | SiteProNews.

5 Strategies Thought Leaders Use to Get Followers

Ever wondered what thought leaders do to get people to follow them?

Susan Payton, President of Egg Marketing & Communications has a guest post on the Small Business Trends site listing 5 of their strategies.

In brief they are;

  1. Have a Voice on Multiple Platforms.
  2. Share Great Content.
  3. Be a Resource.
  4. Keep Learning.
  5. Make Connections.

Check out Susan’s post to details of these strategies!

Read more at: 5 Strategies Thought Leaders Use to Get Followers.

8 Tips for Using Twitter More Effectively

If you have a Twitter account then you may want to check out Julie Tappendorf’s post on the Social Media Today site where she gives some nice tips for using Twitter more effectively.

You may already think you’re using Twitter effectively but I reckon it’s always good to get other opinions, especially from someone who’s using a strategy that’s kicking butt!

Twitter is only effective if you are an active participant.

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