Learning Content Marketing is Dumb-easy–Here’s the Real Deal


learn content marketingTo a new small-scale entrepreneur such as myself, Content marketing sounded trendy, hyped up and cool. Having visible content that speaks about my product in social media and other channels seem like it is the answer to my popularity dilemma as a neophyte business owner. My skills on customer acquisition was barely there, let alone the real meaning of Content Marketing Strategy.

Fast forward to today. Many free online videos could be taken upon by virtually anyone who could use the internet to educate himself on the why’s and the how’s of Content Marketing and Content Marketing Strategy.

Online videos are available for anyone to use and follow. I honestly think that as long as you could determine the credible from the poseurs, you won’t need a diploma on Content Marketing to learn about it.

Mentors share their expertise on the topic, and several articles have been written about it, which made it known and evolve into the often-followed marketing model of businesses today.

For almost a century and counting, Content Marketing Strategy has become part and parcel of corporations, but the question is: what is the competitive advantage to having this? 

Now that more and more companies are doing the same marketing strategy, what will make my brand stand out from the rest?

The practical answer to this is, no.

As already mentioned, more and more teams operate with a Content Marketing Strategy aimed towards customer acquisition, sales conversion, brand reputation management and many others.

One study showed that around 38% of businesses in the US perform this, and this number will rise to 100% over the years. Content Marketing will become even more ubiquitous as it is now.

If this is the case, what could set your strategy apart from the rest?

It’s the content that you provide.

Content Is Content Is Content Is Content!

With the proliferation of social media, content creation can be done by virtually anyone who has a social media account. Many of these are non-originals, grabbed from other sources, or gibberish that don’t really say a message about anything. You could call it nonsense if you may.

And this is where your Content Marketing could leverage.

While it’s true that companies can always create content to be published to its audience, it’s not always true that all contents make sense and that all contents will be read, liked and patronized by the consumers.


These people are smart, they know what they want and are informed on what matters. These informed buyers want content that they can relate with, therefore introducing the need to buy the product behind the content.

This is where you come in. This is where your business’ competitive advantage comes to you.

Get to know your playing field. Studying your landscape should be as basic as studying the places in your community. The more you know about it, the better it is for you to navigate the area, find ways to be cost-efficient and make the most out of each day. In the same light, knowing your competitive “area of business” lets you in to the do’s and don’ts in the industry.

Understand your target audience’s needs. It had been said time and again that the buyers attention span is becoming shorter by the day, what with the overload of information that they receive and experience in each waking moment.

That’s why it’s all the more important that you understand what your target market’s needs are- so you could create content that really hits them in the heart and not just create noise that they will ignore as they browse their inbox or Facebook feed. Once you know what they want, you could use this as competitive advantage by creating the kind of content that they only want to see.

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