Yes, You Need a Mentor in Affiliate Marketing Before You Start, and Here’s Why


Internet marketing is an excellent career choice for individuals who wish to make a good living without having to compromise their lives to do so. When you work in internet marketing you get to set your own hours, and you do not have to answer to a time clock, and you do not have to leave home to make a living.

Internet Marketing Affiliates

There is a growing opportunity for internet marketing affiliates. The number of people who use the internet for business and pleasure increases on a daily basis. With more people on the internet companies need more advertising so people will see the products and services they have to offer. Now is the perfect time to start an internet marketing business.

Signing u to be an internet marketing affiliate is as simple as finding a company that produces an item that you believe in and joining their affiliate program. You do not need a high priced education to be successful. You do not need a lot of specialized equipment to be a success. You set your own goals, your own hours, and your own pace.

By now you are likely saying, if opening an internet marketing business is really that simple then why would you need a mentor?

Pros of a Mentor 

A mentor is someone that has worked as an internet marketing affiliate and been:

  • Successful
  • Has developed a reputation
  • Is an inspiration to others

 Mentors Save you Time and Hardships 

A mentor can help you to be a success without you having to make any of the mistakes they made. The person you choose to be your mentor is someone that has already done the things you are now trying to do. Your mentor made mistakes as they were making their way in the business world, and they can share those mistakes with you so that you do not make the same ones.


Your mentor will be able to save you time by showing you the mistakes they made, and the techniques they used that helped them become a success. You must realize that time is money. Each time you make a mistake in business it will set you back.

Some of your mistakes will cost you accounts, and some of them will injure your reputation. Each time you make a mistake you are moving backwards. If you have a mentor to show you the ropes of the business then you will avoid many of the mistakes they made and you will build your business into a success in a shorter amount of time.

You Get an Impartial Opinion 

When you get a mentor to help you establish your business then you will get the advantage of being able to have someone who will hear your ideas, and give you an impartial opinion on your ideas and methods. If you have a business idea and you ask your friends what they think about the idea they will inevitably tell you that the idea is good, and that they like the idea.

It makes us feel good to have people tell us our ideas are wonderful, but when we are in business we really need people to tell us the truth about our ideas. A mentor will not tell you that your idea is a good one unless they really think your idea is good. Your mentor knows what it takes to make it in business, and they do not want you to fail.

A Business Mentor Can Help To Keep You Focused On Your Goals 

When we start a business we must set goals for ourselves. When you work for someone else your employer will establish your goals for you. You have to meet the goals your employer establishes or risk losing your job. When you are in business for yourself you have to be self-motivated, and establish your own goals.

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A business mentor will be able to recognize when you are drifting off track and getting away from your goals. They will be able to use their experience to tell you what you need to do to be able to reach your goals, and when they see you drifting away from your goals they will be able to get your attention and get you back to where you need to be.

A successful business person is able to stay focused, but in order to stay focused you must learn to police yourself, and control your thoughts and actions. Your business mentor will be there to teach you how to become a self-motivated individual.

People With Mentors Make More Money 

Business owners who have mentors tend to stay in business longer, and make more money. One of the things you will hear when you go into business for yourself is that most businesses fail within the first twelve months.

There are many reasons why new businesses fail. One of the biggest reasons is that the new owners had good ideas, but were not really prepared to put those ideas to work. Another major reason for failure is that the new owners do not have contacts in the business world and they do not get the jobs they need to make enough money to sustain themselves.


When you start a business without a mentor you stand a sixty percent chance that you will fail. That is not inspiring numbers. If you have a mentor then you are more likely to succeed in your business, and you are more likely to make better money.

Your mentor knows how much you should charge for your services. They have the experience and the business contacts to help you get established and become a success. Businesses that have professional mentors make an average of forty percent more in their first year than businesses that do not have mentors.

The extra income makes having a mentor seem like the best idea.

A Mentor Helps You Set A Budget And A Business Plan 

You have to have a working budget for your new business. A mentor helps you to establish a budget that will provide you with the supplies you need. Your mentor will help you establish a business plan. Your business plan will help you to stay focused and prepared.

A Mentor Shows You The Tools You Need

In every type of business there are many different tools to choose to help you do your work. Some of those tools are expensive, and some of them are as handy as shirt pockets, while other tools are not worth your investment. Your mentor will help you to choose the tools you need so that you do a professional job without breaking your budget.

Your mentor has tried many of the tools that are available in your field and they know which ones are worth buying and which ones are not. The right tools and techniques make the work you are doing easier and more profitable. Let your mentor help you to choose the right tools to buy, and when to buy those tools.

Anyone Can Have A Mentor 

You do not have to be brand new to the business world to need, or to have a mentor. You might have had a business before, or you might have been in business for a long time, you might even be a genius like Steve Jobs, but you can still benefit from the establishment of a relationship with someone that is in the same line of business. A mentor can help each business person to reach their goals.

How To Choose A Mentor 

Everyone that goes into business, or sports, or any occupation where they consider having a mentor tutor them until they are able to do things on their own want the very best mentor there is available. Most people think that if someone has a big name, and they charge a large amount of money to mentor other people then they must be the best in the business.

The truth is that you can find a mentor that costs a lot, one that costs a little, and some that are free of charge. The price you pay the mentor does not guarantee the outcome of the venture. There are business owners who are willing to share their experiences, their knowledge, and their tips, for free.


When you go to choose a mentor you must select one that you can afford. You must select one that will be available to talk with you when you have a question. You do not want a mentor that is never available. You need one that is open-minded, non-judging, and a good listener.

You might have to have more than one mentor before you find the one that is perfect for you and your situation. If you have a mentor and you do not feel encouraged by them, or inspired by them, then you need to find another mentor.

Remember that the person you choose is helping you to set the stage for the rest of your life. You must have someone that you are comfortable with, that you admire, and that you trust.


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